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    Self released 45 rpm 12" version of the 2015 self titled EP. Mastered for vinyl by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering. Limited hand numbered pressing of 300 (all black), with silver on black letterpress stamped covers. Wholesale inquiries contact the band directly!

    “Quintessential epic crust…riffs for days, a constant low end heavy chug, and a singer with a rasp well worthy of the Northwest elite. If nothing else, HIVE stands out for the intensity and speed they bring to the game – even the slower, more melodic bits (“Reversal Of Fortune”) will have you clenched tight…the knife edge that this band straddles creates a legitimate tension with even a casual listen. Comparisons aren’t really necessary, but if you monkeys like the sound of a black clad apocalypse with full stacks, then here you go.” - Terminal Escape Blog

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    Debut release by d-beat/dark hardcore band Hive, from Minneapolis, MN. Six songs, 22 minutes, double sided. For fans of His Hero Is Gone, Cursed, Gauze, Wolfbrigade.

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released June 8, 2015

Recorded and mixed during Spring 2015 by Jason Bauer at Null Studios in Minneapolis.

During the recording of this record, Jason Bauer underwent and completed treatment for colon cancer. In solidarity, Hive will be donating a portion of the profits from this record to a Minneapolis charity which provides financial support to local families in need who are undergoing cancer treatment and therapy.



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Hive Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: Bait And Trap
When I arrived Heaven's gates were locked, boarded up from the outside
Monolith like a headstone, your father's words but the voice your own
Fill the children with white light, hand in hand with scum
Set the stage for the trap door - conditional love you've been longing for

And for you, a confessional prepped like a kill room
Sacramental bait and trap waiting for you
Left with forgiveness or dignity - now choose

Ivory hands now around my throat, a smiling face reads my last rites
Stung like a night terror for the comatose, salvation administered in lethal dose
Hands don't scratch at the walls now, no eyes through the floor boards
A Holy See for wretched deeds, a prayer for all incumbants to see

And for you, a baptism prepped like a drowning
Sacramental stillborn now crowning
Left with forgiveness or dignity - now choose

Why it is that they watch me?
Master and servant separated so proudly
Why it is that they hound me?
Death celebrated profoundly

I wait in the light, escape their bait and trap in the dead of night
Track Name: Experiments In Sleep Deprivation
Lay awake while this bed burns, while calm and trembling come in turn
Match the disease to the cure
Behind this door there's no light or sound, and they're the only ones that hear us now
Make promises I don't intend to keep, lock the door and swallow the key

When will you let me out, take away what I can't live without
Make a stronger man fall to his knees
And will you ease my doubts, promise water to an endless drought
Turn on the gas and watch me beg for sleep

Desperation lends it's hand to fate, and cruel decisions to make
Holding close what's been forbade
I can't control my movement or thoughts, rationality's been drug out and shot
All my effort has been for not, now leave me in this cage to rot
Track Name: White Flag
Fingers on the pulse of the religious right
Ruined lives filled with blinding light
South bound on a moral compass
They came in the dead of the night
Clawed at the doors to save your life
A line in the sand between them and us

The clerical collar choked the life from your eyes
Physical punishment for moral crimes
Spat in the face of the bind that ties

Now that noose on your neck flies like a white flag
Coming to grips with commitments made
Catechismal rebirth for the living
Now you suppress the urgency
A need for spiritual emergency
Accept all that you've been given, when it should have been riven

What did you think would come next?
You can't wash the shame from Sunday's best
So when the lights went out, you felt your way through the dark
And followed the light, left us in endless night
Track Name: Reversal Of Fortune
The hole is dug voluntarily, while the doctors are getting next to me
Nothing left to say, another bill to pay
As the machine fills up quick, water level rises with every clock tick
Nothing left to say, request is just the same

An agonizing slow death, left emaciated and fucking penniless
Take this stone and tap the vein, drain it dry and leave the same

Reversal of fortune
Track Name: The Lure Of Loom
Starvation in a windowless house, locked in a windowless room
Drowning in self defeat, the lure of loom
Avoiding rescue until my death is assumed
Comfort in self destruction and the certainty of ruin

Cold spot, cold rot
Minutes pass like days, wasting away
Running flaccid on shame
Is this life or just the passing of time, dying just to survive

All bodies wear masks and mine is a bag over my head
Remove the bones from the closet for the wolves to be fed
Now the comfort of sleep escapes me, no hope for the fever breaking
No figures in the shadows shaping

Cold spot, cold rot
Minutes pass like days, wasting away
Running flaccid on shame
No light now as far as the eye can see, this house is empty just like me
Hanging from a tree
Track Name: Subordinate
Eyes affixed on a chalk outline, familiar sting of catholic guilt
Cheating death on borrowed time
Is this the pride that I'm supposed to find in this?
Is this not the safe place we were promised?
With an empty vessel head and pounding fists

Chameleonic blood sucker, why have you come for me?
Subordinated tension surge, you're burning like an effigy
Forget all that you heard and saw
Gnawing your tongue as you kneel before a human god

Bones bleached in the sun for your amusement
Hand crushes hand while we graciously accept your abuses
Told to act on things we can't unsee
The price of admission is above your pay grade
The lease on life lost in snake oil trade

Brittle hands now wrapped on a calloused throat
Bleeding out the golden calf
Utopia cheapened by those, fires lit on your behalf
Navigating hell's maps