Parasitic Twin

by Hive

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released April 21, 2017

Parasitic Twin was recorded during Spring/Summer 2016 by Mike Duffy in Room 44, Minneapolis Minnesota. Mixed by Matthew Kirkwold at Rumble Studios. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering.

Album art, design and layout by Morgan Carpenter

All music and lyrics by Morgan Carpenter, except "Common Ancestor" music by Mike Duffy, and "Parasitic Twin" music by Emma Grey. Noise and Lap Steel performed by Mike Duffy. All songs performed by Hive.

Hive is:
Morgan Carpenter - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Duffy - Guitar
Emma Grey - Bass/Vocals
Mike Paradise - Drums

Vinyl edition released via Crown And Throne Ltd.



all rights reserved


Hive Minneapolis, Minnesota

6/9 @ Triple Rock w/Decomposer, Slow Trails, More Weight

7/15 @ Rad Pad, Appleton WI


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Track Name: Low Hanging Fruit Of War
Chewed up and left on the bottom rung
The harvest will bear more human shields to conscience
Our bounty rots to the core like low hanging fruit of war

Antibiotic of hope
Poverty dressed in uniform
Never knowing who or what you're dying for
Scraps to hold back the hunger
Droplets to contain the drought
The impoverished become devout and the siren sounds

To their machine you are the engine fodder
So light the wet rag and leave the bottle
You ask for answers and they ride the fence
Now don't blink when their sleeves drop their contents
And you ask why
Track Name: Collared Slave
One by one they pulled out your teeth
Kept in the dark for life and struggling to breath
Learning only to speak when spoken to
Face down in discarded meat
Your sadistic love shines light with scalding heat
When the bones of trust are broken

Carried away with the idea of "them"
You'll quietly wash the blood from their hands
And still they subdue with chains on your hands and feet
Now who wears the collar, and who who pulls the leash?
Track Name: Gated Community
Rudimentary evacuation
They built up this wall just to keep us in
And not keep them out
Systematic indoctrination
The picket fences are the walls of this prison
We are all chained now

Gated Community
Wrapped in barbed wire for all to see

Soaked in acid rain
Take this sacrifice in a white god's name
What we don't see
Old men in the skin of sheep
Their answers to the questions are not what it seems
A division of unending width

Death dealer's trance
Kept in blinding light with what we don't know
And we're swallowed whole
Severing amends
Brick and Mortar wall drains blood
Knelt in prayer where humanity stood

The borders are the shackles on our wrists
This bastard machine built on our blood and sweat
We can no longer carry the weight on our clenched fists

No gates
No fences
No borders
Track Name: Foot Binding
Cut out what doesn't fit the mold
Fear in a child's eyes that we don't know
The standard is set
A westernized concubine
Your appearance will adapt in time

Thank the dynasty for your suffering
Guilty of a crime
Shat into the world mirroring the ugliness that existence finds

Born immersed in filth
At the hands of a shill
Shedding skin for tradition's sake
With the choices we make

The pain of expectation
And orthodox authority
No thought, this beauty mark is customary
Strapped down and white washed for the sake of your acceptance
Ritualistic obedience in exchange for paying penance

They tell you you were born
Stripped away for an appeasing god
A ward of state for the message sent
And a carbon copy in the end
Track Name: Acephalite
You felt the earth quake
High on the spoils of faith
You got regurgitated
Picture frames shake off the walls
And the gilded statues fall
Systematically subjugated
The parasitic twin is waiting

Like a gloved hand wrapped around your neck
The night is born, the stage is set
Headless master, spineless devotee
Merchants of death and antiquity

A symbolic king stands
Watching over drought stricken lands
Crumble under seismic shift
Cracks in the foundation show
And like a marionette's dream
Those words are hollow

Mainlining the same drug as your father

Like heresy, the butcher seeking amnesty
Track Name: Intruder
When they robbed me of all that remains
All that was left that kept me whole
You clung to the value of theft
The only virtue left to give me control
Force the crippled down to their knees
Reduced to a medicated shell
You held a sign up that reads:
"All life is sacred"
Now welcome to hell

No truer words were said
Place an empty gun to my head
"Your pain is the cost of life not the privilege of death"
Enter the intruder with prayer on his breath

Turn the lights out on all human debris
Sit and wait until the body succumbs to disease
And it's not just the morality
Keep the lights on, keep the beds filled
There's designer drugs to be sold
The right to life is the law of the land
So they reduce us to criminals

They'll watch you writhe in pain for their agenda
Track Name: N.I.N.A.
You hung an invisible sign
And slammed the door in their face
Blotted a black mark that you can't erase

Scape the resin of fear from your latrine floor
You planted that tiny seed and watched the weeds grow
Cultivating doubt and soaked in hate
Submerged in this mutation of faith

No Irish need apply
Like a ball peen hammer to your fragile lives
You burnt the sanctuary
Like a captive bolt for humanity

No good will here
Colorblind with fear
Crippled the extended hand
And turned your back and ran

Before you welcome them
You'd no sooner die
No Irish need apply
Track Name: Common Ancestor
The apple rotten to it's core
Did not fall far from
It's skeletal tree
Carrying the same disease
With it's common ancestry
Pollinating the weak bodies

You would not bend so now you shall break

And what's left of the ward's of state?
Put the same price on the heads of the meek
Equal moving parts of the same mistake
Spoiled inheritance
Sunken remains

You would not bend so now you shall break
Track Name: Heaven's Gutter
Holy mother let me crawl back inside
Return to the womb parasite
Waiting patiently for what will feed on me

At the first blast of the trumpets
No separation of wrong and right
Sacred form now lead me home
The ground will give and now take life

The shepherd strangled the evangelist
Who then beheaded the protagonist
Hands lopped off at the wrist
Euthanize herder's son
Let the flock run free, falling victim
To the wolves in their own skin

Decompose all the same
Finding nourishment in dirt and rain
Let them live as I have died
Reattach Mary's cord
Shed the guilt of breath as the wool is shorn
Life is near, the end is nye
I am the giving tree
Now consume all that is left of me
I am the father and the son